Readings & Healings


Aura reading


Tomoko uses her third eye to read your energy field and uses spiritual energy to help assist the healing process.She examines the colours in your aura, chakra condition and explains their meaning in regard to physical health.

She bring very high vibration of life force energy to clean negative feelings and old patterns.

This session helps your aura become balanced, more positive and natural state.
In the session, she explains 1-7th layer of aura, including images of energy flows, attachment chords from other people.
If there are any foreign energies,  images or attachment chords, she can remove them.

To find out the reasons for depression and fear, very often comes from traumas from childhood, family belief systems, and even past life influences. Mostly these comes from others or guilty feeling towards yourself , and stays in the auric energy field for long time.

She is explain what is going on these  energy blocks in your system, and very gently, remove old negative feelings.
She helps unconscious blueprint life pattern  to become more positive and more true to yourself.
Also reprogram not to be influenced from others and the past.

She helps release any blockage in your life such as influence from others; parents,  family,
relatives,  ancestors,  ex-partner,  friends,  relationship , work, school, authority, and money beliefs from others.

*** This session is suitable those who are interested in counseling process such as :
Having  specific worries, depression, fear, relationship issues and want to improve.
Want to know about past life meaning.
Want to understand purpose of life to create what you wish and bring abundance. ***

●Energy healing

She bring very high vibration of life force energy to clean negative energy , cleaning chakras and 1-7th layers of auric  field. She checks re-balances of the; physical body, mental level, emotional level, spiritual level. This healing helps increase your self-healing power, deep relaxation and releases all tension.

Generally,our body has a system to heal and recover itself  from  stress, minor disease and injury. A session  brings the quickest energy shift into your self-healing system.  Normally you will then feel more grounded, less stressed, and more  calm and peaceful. Any heavy feeling will be cleared and neutralized.

*** This session is suitable for those who are interested in a deep healing experience such as :
Wanting to recover from specific tension and pain,
stiff neck and shoulders, muscle pain, nerves tense, etc.Recovering  from exhaustion,  low feelings,  lethargy, feeling negative.Improving sleeping quality

**This session is NOT medical treatment, if you have a serious issue, please go to a professional medical practitioner.**

●Angel card reading

She will pick several cards and explain their meaning. She will tell you of any messages from angels, spirits, masters,  light beings and your higher self (your true voice). These messages are very warm and useful, and help motivate  you in your  true passion .

Also she can check your aura, chakras  and grounding condition. If there are any negative influences, she can remove them.
Basically this reading is similar to aura reading, but she can show you more visual angel card world.
Also she explains past influences, present conditions and future possibilities.

It is possible to check love relation compatibility and career compatibility.

If you have hard to make decision and want to know about clear answer

*** This session is suitable for those who are interested in angel messages. Also recommended if you want to know about your general fortune-luck, or have a hard decision to make and want to have a clear answer.

●Reiki healing

Hands-on healing using energy points on your body.
She sends universal energy into your energy system.
Generally you will feel very warm, relaxed and peaceful.
Reiki helps balance your immune system, physical body, mental level, emotional level and spiritual level.

She uses Reiki symbols,  angel energy, master energy and colour energy .

*** This session is suitable for those who are interested in a hands-on style of healing, to experience deep relaxation and warm love energy from the universe
. Will increase your own natural healing power

●Sound healing


She create very beautiful, very gentle, zen style subtle sound. (NOT making loud sound).
Tomoko uses relaxation sound and very high vibration of universal energy in the session. Then she guides you to magical higher awareness in a deeply relaxed state.
She calls all kinds of masters, angels,  spirits, nature elementals, and light beings to support you in the session.

Also she balances your auric field: physical-emotional-mental-spiritual levels and chakras. She removes any negative influences and fills your aura with universal tranquil divine light.

Often people experience; ” Being Touched by Divine Love”, receive messages from higher realms, see beautiful spiritual light.

She uses: Singing bowls, tuning forks, angel tuning forks, bamboo flute: Quena, Native American shamanic flute,  Bells, harmony ball,  Tibetan tinsha, Tibetan bells.

*** This session is suitable for those who are interested in healing sounds and deep relaxation.
Also especially good for reducing nervous, upset feeling,  anger, anxiety, insecurity, panic feelings,  depression etc.
Experience rest from busy thoughts, and rejuvenate your system.***

●Shamanic healing

She uses sound and sage or incense, then brings in nature elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Also calls in Angels,  masters, nature spirits, fairies, minerals, moon energy, planetary energies, plant and animal spirit energies. She cleanses your aura and chakras using very high vibration of universal energy. Also brings earth energy to help you to feel deeply grounded and more centered.
She also use healing tools : Shamanic Drums, Shamanic Rattles、sage, power stones, Native American flutes, singing bowls, bells, tinsha, tuning forks, shamanic feathers and candles.

*** This session is suitable for those who are interested in shamanic sound and deep grounding.
Also especially good for reducing nervous, upset feeling,  anger, anxiety, insecure, panic feeling,  depression etc.
Experiencing rest from busy thoughts, and ground your system.***

●Distance reading and healing


 Distance reading is also available too. Using skype phone or she can call your home number or mobile phone number. She can see your energy easily even at a distance, and quality is the same as face to face session.

Distance healing: you can choose convenient date and time then she can send energy to you .

Types of Healing Sessions

Below are the types of healing sessions which Jasmin offers. Some of the sessions can be done over the phone (or via Skype if you are familiar with that). Tomoko is presently in Tokyo.

Tomoko usually includes some clairvoyant ‘energy reading’ in all of the different kinds of sessions. This is so that she can monitor the effects of the healing energy and vary the healing method to suit your particular needs. She often also tunes into what messages you need from your soul or higher self and presents these during the session.

If you are not sure of what type of healing would be best for you, please contact Tomoko.