26th April Sunday Sound healing & Angel Meditation

Please join us if you are interested in deep relaxation sound and meeting angels!
This gathering is very warm and friendly atmosphere.

We share Angel cards , Creative sound experience
( You can use some of my music instruments ) ,Guided angel meditation.

Tomoko, She plays some Celtic fairy music and songs .
She uses Classical flute, tin whistle and she uses fairy spirit energy.
Also she plays some of Japanese healing songs and chanting.

Deep meditative relaxation sound, which is  you can relax a
nd easy to connect with higher consciousness of angelic realms.
Tomoko, she use Native American flute, some shamanic flutes,
Bells, singing bowls, Irish harp, beautiful mantra  ,
angel tuning folks, glockenspiel and some more!
You can enjoy this sound while you are lying down on
Tatami mat floor.Normally people feel very peaceful and calm.
Often people see angels and some color of energy.

And my lovely friend Seimei, He talks about Angel and music.
He plays improvised harp music and
telling about messages from angels by channeling.
All welcome.feel free to join us!

Date: 26th April Sunday 14:00-16:00

Place: Minamisuna Kumin kaikan
6 chome 8-3 Minamisuna Koto-ku Tokyo
2nd Floor Japanese Tatami room

Access: About 7 min from Minamisunamachi station
Tokyo metro Tozai line.
Please use 2A exit.
After 2A exit, You will see bicycle parking in right side.
Please walk through  bicycle parking.
Go straight until you reach to the traffic light.
You will see Towa bank and family mart
convenient shop.Turn right when you see Aeon supermarket ,topirec plaza centre.
The building is across from a supermarket.
if you need more detail , please check my web site.

Fee: 1,500 yen

Tomoko : Healer, Clairvoyant, Reiki teacher, musician
Trained in aura reading and energetic medicine course at Clearsight school in Tokyo
Web site: Japanese https://www.tomokohealing.com/jp
English https://www.tomokohealing.com/

Seimei: Spiritual artist. Musician. He plays beautiful piano music and other instruments.
Web site: Japanese http://kiramekukokoro.com/