Warm welcome to Tomoko healing!

Finding health, wealth, happiness and beauty in your life!


Tomoko offers wonderful effective aura reading, angel card readings and healing sessions to help you to find true path in your life.

Are you happy right now? Do you have any these issues?

” My life seems blocked and full of pain. Too much stress in my life
and hard to feel happy. What is my life purpose? Lots of worries about money, relationship, health, work, etc… I have struggled for long time.
How can I change? Every day I feel tired and stressed. ”

if so, would you like to change your pattern to feel much happier and full of passion, more confidence?
Tomoko’s session can help to bring wonderful changes in your life.


Very gentle, very accurate and high quality session.
She can bring powerful cleansing energy from universe and assist with reprogramming of your patterns to be more positive. Tomoko can support your journey of self discovery, both spiritual and personal, and can provide greater clarity in your life. Her session gives deep awareness and transformation.


She works with angels,  elements, nature spirits, and light beings. Tomoko bring beautiful unconditional love and deep relaxation in her session.
She always works with deep love from heart. Many clients felt fulfilled and very satisfied with result.

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About Tomoko
Tomoko has been a professional healer, clairvoyant, sound healing musician for 12 years.
Her gentle,friendly ,loving approach is
well received by many clients from Japan.
She studied professional Clairvoyance course and professional Energetic healing course at the school  in Tokyo Japan for 2 and half years.


Tomoko also plays very beautiful zen relaxation flute,singing bowls and many healing  instruments.
She offers unique individual sessions.(Aura reading, Angel card reading, Past life reading,Reiki, Energy healing. sound healing, Shamanic healing, Aroma healing .etc )

She organizes heartwarming workshops and meditation gatherings . She helps many people to be aware to their own true spiritual path.Session is available in English and Japanese.



What is the benefit from this Session?

  • Release old anger, fear, worries.
  • Solve hidden patterns causing depression addiction.
  • Messages from your higher self to solve problems.
  • clearing blocks to good healthy, happy relationships, financial abundance and business success.
  • Messages from departed loved ones, ancestor, pets.
  • Understand your Soul pattern , release karma and past life influence.